"The memory choir gives me the three S's; Smiling; Singing; Socialising."

Michael (Dorothy's little helper!)
"Going to the memory choir gives me a reason to smile at least once a week."
"Alzheimer's is a lonely place.
It robs you of the lovely, normal life you had, and replaces it with a stressful, soul destroying existence.
The Memory Choir is the highlight of our week. It is enjoyable and uplifting. It provides a couple of hours a week to enjoy the much needed company of other people, to sing and have a laugh, and forget your problems for a while.
The staff and volunteers are a great bunch-all very cheerful and caring-they do a really good job!
We may go in feeling stressed and down,but we usually leave feeling so much better.
The Memory Choir is an invaluable service to the many people who attend."

Joseph (Alzheimer's sufferer) and his wife, main carer, Audrey
"He was singing all last week - for example when he went out to a garden centre with the carer they said he had been singing along with the music."
"It is so joyful." (said with a big smile)
"I like singing with this big group. I cannot do it on my own."
"I knew the words for that song. It was lovely."
"I discovered the Memory Choir from an advertisement in a local supermarket I think. My 93-year-old mother had recently been moved up to Rossendale from her flat in London where my siblings could no longer keep an eye on her or arrange suitable care. Once she was near me, I looked for local activities, and the only one I found (which was free) was the Rossendale Memory Choir. It has changed our lives considerably! We now have a safe and very welcoming place to go to where we can sing to our heart's content. We are met by friendly volunteers who greet us with our names and give us a lovely cuppa during the tea break. Such a caring organisation deserves funding. Many people have to pay for taxis to attend, and some are Financially "squeezed".

More importantly, Mum's face lights up during the singing sessions, which is a joy to me (and no doubt to her, trapped inside her disability (brain disease).

This is an excellent and very important local group to invest in."

SD, Family carer