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How Sponsors will be helping

Since the beginning of 2016 The Rossendale Memory Choir has been totally reliant on donations to keep it running. If people don't give,we can't sing!

Each Wednesday afternoon over forty men and women of all ages, some suffering from Parkinson's Disease, some from Dementia, others from the after effects of a stroke come along with their carers, friends or relatives to Kay Street Baptist Church in Rawtenstall to sing together, chat together and enjoy tea and biscuits in a lovely, friendly environment.

Not only does everyone sing together but we all do gentle warm up exercises to prepare the voice for a good sing and to have a laugh as the toes get stamping and the mouth gets moving! Songs from the past are a particular favourite and some people even feel compelled to get up and have a dance, particularly when we sing the likes of 'Let's Twist Again'!

The Friends of Rossendale Memory Choir, a group of volunteers, are dedicated to keeping this choir going by ensuring there is money to fund it and to continue to employ the two wonderfully talented musicians who run it. Janet Swan a trained Natural Voice Practitioner and Simon, who accompanies her on his guitar.

It doesn't matter what the weather is like outside or what worries people have, once they are singing all these worries are forgotten. Their smiles and laughter say it all! Carers, friends, volunteers and relatives who accompany them also gain, not only from the pure joy of singing together but from seeing their loved ones enjoying themselves so much. They remark that the 'feel good' effect of the session lasts for the rest of the day and even beyond that.

But we cannot run the sessions without money. Every little bit helps, whether it comes from a raffle, a sponsored head shave, a cake sale or a straightforward donation, it can make the difference between a fun afternoon of singing together or another afternoon of looking at those four walls in
the living room!

We are so, so grateful to the very generous people who have raised much needed funds for the group and to those who gave individual donations which have kept us going till now and hopefully into the future.

So if you're looking for a good cause to support please consider Rossendale Memory Choir!
Come and visit us one Wednesday afternoon and we can guarantee you will have an afternoon of
singing and laughter and will see for yourself how beneficial it is to the people of Rossendale.