Each Wednesday afternoon over forty men and women of all ages, some suffering from Parkinson's Disease, some from Dementia, others from the after effects of a stroke come along with their carers, friends or relatives to Kay Street Baptist Church in Rawtenstall to sing together, chat together and enjoy tea and biscuits in a lovely, friendly environment.

Not only does everyone sing together but we all do gentle warm up exercises to prepare the voice for a good sing and to have a laugh as the toes get stamping and the mouth gets moving! Songs from the past are a particular favourite and some people even feel compelled to get up and have a dance, particularly when we sing the likes of 'Let's Twist Again'!

We always welcome enquiries if you might like to come along.

"The memory choir gives me the three S's; Smiling; Singing; Socialising."

Michael (Dorothy's little helper!)
Read why the choir is so important to us
"Alzheimer's is a lonely place.
It robs you of the lovely, normal life you had, and replaces it with a stressful, soul destroying existence.
The Memory Choir is the highlight of our week. It is enjoyable and uplifting. It provides a couple of hours a week to enjoy the much needed company of other people, to sing and have a laugh, and forget your problems for a while.
The staff and volunteers are a great bunch-all very cheerful and caring-they do a really good job!
We may go in feeling stressed and down,but we usually leave feeling so much better.
The Memory Choir is an invaluable service to the many people who attend."

Joseph (Alzheimer's sufferer) and his wife, main carer, Audrey
Read why the choir is so important to us